Best Saucepan For Tea in India

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Meqstore Stainless Steel Copper Bottom Sauce Pan, Flat Base Sauce Pan, Tea Pan, Milk Pan, Tapeli Patila, Sauce Pot Cookware with Handle (1000 ml)

  • Package Contain: Meqstore Stainless Steel Copper Bottom Sauce Pan/Milk Pan/ Tea Pan Pot Cookware Set of 1
  • Uses: Meqstore Sauce Pan Used for preparing Tea, coffee, boiling milk & cooking more such liquid product. Used for cooking more food compare to frying pan due to its deep vessel height. Compaq size makes it easy to store in kitchen cupboards. When not in the used smaller container can be stacked inside a bigger container saving lot of storage space.
  • Material: copper bottom with a mirror finish stainless steel. Good quality mirror finishes Meqstore Copper Bottom stainless steel deep vessel pan /milk pan/saucepan/cooking pot with plastic handle for kitchen. Export quality stainless steel & Copper Bottom making the utensil highly durable, long lasting & rust-free. Giving it a long live, keeping it beautiful for years /generations.
  • Capacity: 1000 ml | Dimension - L X W X H (cms): 30 X 16 X 7.5 | Color : Silver and Copper Bottom
SaleBest #2

Nirvika Stainless Steel Saucepan Tea Pan with Heat Proof Handle and Milk Pots for Kitchen - Set of 3 pcs (1 Ltr 1.5 Ltr 2 Ltr) (Gas Stove and Induction Compatible)

  • Comes with a plastic handle that makes your work easy and fast.
  • Energy Efficient, heats evenly and cooks faster
  • Material: Export Quality Mirror Polish Stainless SteelCopper Bottom Saucepan making it ideal for daily use, highly durable & long lasting
SaleBest #3

Kanshita's Rasoiware Heavy Gauge Stainless Steel Saucepan/Tea Pan, (Induction Cookware) 1 Liter

  • It’s a very durable and long lasting products. Induction compatible Product
  • Enjoy a healthier cooking Efficient for home kitchen daily multiple use like warming milk, boiling eggs, cooking noodle, pasta or soup
  • Handle firmly riveted to the body for balanced grip,Bakelite handles and a big hole at handle end for heat proof and easy hanging storage,Brushed surface is designed to look elegant in kitchen and clean easily, dishwasher & Refrigerator safe
  • Made from premium quality stainless steel and is absolutely durable. Used For Preparing Tea, Coffee and Boiling Milk.
SaleBest #4

Neelam Stainless Steel Induction Bottom Sauce Pan, 1150ml, 1 Piece, Silver

  • Package Contents: 1- Piece Induction Bottom Sauce Pan Wire Handle
  • Capacity: 1150 ml
  • Extra deep robustly constructed cooking pots. Suitable for all types of heat sources - Induction, Gas, Ceramic HOB and halogen cooktops as well.
  • Base Type: Induction Base, Color: Silver, Gauge : 22 Gauge
Best #5

Hawkins Stainless Steel Induction Compatible TPan (Saucepan) with Glass Lid, Capacity 1 Litre, Thickness 0.9 mm, Silver (SST10G)

  • Diameter (cm): 15.1 ; Thickness (mm): 0.9 ; Dishwasher Safe: Yes ; Lid Included, Induction Bottom: Yes
  • Stays bright, does not pit or corrode, is extremely hygienic
  • Made from superior surgical grade non-magnetic stainless steel (18Cr/8Ni, AISI 304)
  • Cooks faster - Saves more fuel
Best #6

Hawkins Stainless Steel Induction Compatible TPan (Saucepan) with Glass Lid, Capacity 1.5 Litre, Thickness 4.7 mm, Silver (SST15G)

  • Stays bright, does not pit or corrode, is extremely hygienic
  • Made from superior surgical grade non-magnetic stainless steel (18cr/8ni, aisi 304). Non-stick: No
  • Suitable for making soups, tea or other beverages or boiling milk
  • 4.7 mm thick induction bottom - stays flat, heats evenly, no hotspots
Best #7

neelam CRSP009P Stainless Steel Sauce Pan, 800ml, 1 Piece (Silver)

  • Package Contents: 1 Regular Sauce Pan
  • Capacity: 800 ml, Non-stick - No
  • Color: Silver
  • Color: Silver, Material: Stainless Steel
SaleBest #8

Amazon Brand - Solimo Non-Stick Aluminium Saucepan with 2-Way Non-Stick Coating (16 cm, 2mm thickness)

  • 12 cm long double-riveted, cool-touch Bakelite handle offers firm grip
  • Made sturdy for everyday use with 2 mm thick body
  • Food-grade and imported two layered non-stick coating for oil-free and healthy cooking
  • Sleek, shining appeal with premium metallic hammertone paint that is resistant to high temperatures
SaleBest #9

Ashoka Heavy Stainless Steel Sauce Pan, Milk Pan/Tea Pan Sauce Pan Milk Pan Stainless Steel Sauce Pan (Heavy Stainless Steel) (0.5 Liter) Steel Cookware Pack of 1

  • Induction and Stove-top compatible
  • STAINLESS SAUCEPAN: This saucepan is made of 100% 18/8 stainless steel . It has been designed to the highest quality standards with a clad bottom base and a welded handle. For further convenience and precision, there are graduated ml markings on the inside of the pot. This cooking pot has an approximately 5-inch diameter and a 0.5-quart capacity.
  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE: Whenever you use our Stainless Steel Saucepan with Clad Bottom, you become a chef in your own kitchen. Stainless steel cookware doesn't get any better than this. This saucepan is so well designed that you will be inspired to try new recipes often and without fuss! This pan is perfectly balanced and weighted with a comfortable, sturdy, ergonomically shaped handle.
  • High Quality Stainless Steel
SaleBest #10

Vinayak International Stainless Steel Sauce Pan, Sauce Pot, Milk Pan 1 Pc Dia - 15 cm Capacity - 1000ml

  • Economic, cool touch stainless steel handles , Dish wash safe Compatible with Induction, Ceramic & Gas Stove
  • Specification : 15 x 15 x 6.5 Cm | Capacity - 1000 ml.
  • Material: Stainless Steel which makes it exclusive and durable; Quality: 100% Food grade quality
  • This SS cookware set made from high quality of stainless steel which makes it exclusive & durable, set is compatible with all cook tops, including induction & oven

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