Best Prescription Eye Drops For Cataracts in India

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Isotine Eye Drop 100% Ayurvedic with no side effects pack of 6 Vials

  • Spectacles of many patients have also been removed. Up to +8.5 Dsph. Myopia Cataract
  • Isotine Eye Drop has also been found to be very effective in improving eyesight in postoperative cases of Cataract, Laser Lasic Laser.
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Sitaram Ayurveda Elaneer Kuzhambu Eye Drops (8 ml Pack of 3) | Kerala Ayurvedic Elaneer Kuzhambu For Healthy Eyes

  • Elaneer kuzhambu is also a GOOD REMEDY FOR HEAVINESS AND CONGESTION IN THE EYES AND NOSE associated with inflammation and chronic allergies.
  • Regular use of Elaneer kuzhambu eye drops is recommended FOR BEAUTIFUL, BRIGHT EYES AND KEENNESS OF VISION.
  • Elaneer kuzhambu is an intense pitta-samana combination that cools the heat and acidity of pitta in the eyes.
  • Directions :1-2 drops in each eye. The medicine is to be used straight out of the sterile dropper bottle.
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U.S CRAFT Blue Cut Zero Power Spectacles With Anti-Glare For Eye Protection Computer Glass For Men & Women

  • IMPROVED VIEWING EXPERIENCE - We’re so confident that our glasses will give you better screen viewing because we offer you the best in class pair of lenses.
  • U.S CRAFT Blue Cut Lens WORKS WITH ALL SCREEN TYPES - The average Indian now spends over 9 hours a day looking at a screen. Whether it’s laptops, desktops, tablets or smartphones - our glasses help reduce harmful blue light that can causes eye issues and prevent ideal levels of sleep. Also effective against sensitivity to fluorescent lights
  • U.S CRAFT Genuine Blue Ray Block Computer Glasses with UV Block & Anti Reflection Technology Lenses.
  • NO MORE TIRED EYES - Reduce eye strain, eye fatigue and sensitivity to light during long computer sessions. Allow your eyes to blink and function naturally. Great for office workers or anyone who has to look at a screen all day. Designed for all day comfort with a durable yet flexible and super lightweight frame. Whether you’re catching up on emails after a long day at work, or burning the midnight oil to finish a project - protect your eyes from excessive levels of blue light
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CCS Eye Drop| Lubricating Eye Drops| Moisturizes & Protect eyes| Dry Eyes| #CCS | Duo Pack | Pack of 2

  • Protects Eyes from Dry Eye Syndrome
  • Moisturizes & Protectseyes
  • Rejuvenate And Energize your tired eyes
  • Hydrate eyes and shows cooling effect
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Vokin Biotech iFocus | Natural Eye Care Supplement & Vision Support | Combination of Lutein, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin B2 - 60 Vegetarian Tablets

  • Vitamin E : Vitamin E, an antioxidant, may help protect your eyes against damaging free radicals.
  • Vitamin A : Vitamin A plays a crucial role in vision by maintaining a clear cornea, which is the outside covering of your eye. This vitamin is also a component of rhodopsin, a protein in your eyes that allows you to see in low light conditions.
  • Zeaxanthin : Zeaxanthin can help protect your eyes from harmful high-energy light waves like ultraviolet rays in sunlight.
  • Vitamin B2, along with other nutrients, is important for normal vision.

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