Best Portable Car Battery Charger in India

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Verilux® Fully Automatic Battery Charger 5A 12V, Car Battery Charger & Maintainer- EU Plugfor Car, Motorcycle, Lawn Mower and More(Red)

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  • High Technology & Efficiency: Solve battery power, power acceleration and internal resistance problems. Using pulse repair technology to repair pulsed high frequency and low frequency, low bottle piezoelectric, has been idle for a long time, the battery does not charge the battery, has a good effect repair and activation, thus changing the battery is a good measure.
  • Intelligent LED Digital Display:displays charging status and battery status, charge voltage, charge current, etc.Automatically stops charging when fully charged.It provides constant voltage charge for optimal maintenance of the battery. Can enables optimal battery charging without fear of overcharging.
  • Multiple protection: Built in circuit protection guards against reverse polarity, sparks, overcharging, over-current, open-circuits, short-circuits and overheating. Avoid any dangerous situation. ideal for carefree long-term maintenance battery for car charging.nt, etc.Automatically stops charging when fully charged.It provides constant voltage charge for optimal maintenance of the battery. Can enables optimal battery charging without fear of overcharging.
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REHTRAD Fully Automatic Car Battery Charger 7A 12V,Bike Battery Charger,Battery Charger for Car and Bike,Suitable for Most Battery Types, Including Calcium, Gel, AGM, Wet Lead-Acid Batteries

₹ 1,699
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  • 🚗 Battery Detection & Automatic Shutdown - Intelligent digital display, without connecting the power supply to the battery, can display the remaining battery voltage. Pay close attention to the battery status to see if it needs to be recharged. Smart charging, automatic shutdown when fully charged, one-key repair.
  • 🚗 Effective protection - The car/bike charger adopts a flame-retardant ABS shell, which is fireproof, anti-electric, corrosion-resistant, durable,and has multiple protections against overheating (built-in cooling fan), overvoltage, overload, and short circuit to prevent damage to the battery during misoperation.
  • 🚗 REHTRAD Battery Charger Compatible battery type - Applicable for 6V and 12V batteries,Charger is suitable for most battery types, including calcium, gel, AGM, and wet lead-acid batteries. They may also help restore depleted and sulfuric acid batteries.
  • 🚗 Not suitable for charging lithium batteries,It is widely used for diagnosing and repairing battery problems and prolonging the service life of your car and motorcycle batteries.
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DigiTronix- CAR Bike Battery Charger/Lead Acid Battery 12V Charger with Digital Voltage Display - T1.5A(Green)

₹ 840
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  • Suitable for Batteries 2Ah to 40Ah
  • Charging Method CCCV
  • For Wet and Dry Batteries
  • For Car and Bike Batteries
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Ceptics 200W Car Power Inverter Charger with Digital Display and SmartVoltage™ Technology - 12V DC to 220V AC, 9.6A Quad USB with QC3.0-2X Universal AC Outlet for All Portable Devices - Black Color

₹ 2,499
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  • DIGITAL DISPLAY: The laptop car inverter IDS will show the voltage of the battery when connected with the cigarette lighter plug and show the current of the USB Ports when you charging your electric devices. Built in on/off switch to control the car adapter electric plug for safer usage
  • 100% PROTECTION: Built-in cooling fan & full protection from overheating, overvoltage, undervoltage & short circuit
  • SmartVoltage Technology & FAST CHARGING: This Premium 200W Power Inverter comes with SmartVoltage Technology (2 AC Outlets) for charging laptop, game console, kindle, TV, DVD players, Christmas lights. 4 USB charging ports (QC3.0 x 2 + 2.4A x 2, Max 9.6A), great for fast charging iPad, Smartphone and other electronic devices
  • 6 IN 1 DESIGN: combined AC outlets and USB charging into one compact, space-saving design, charging 6 devices at the same time, 24-inch power cord allows you to put your inverter anywhere in your van/car
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Verilux® Car Battery Charger, 6A 12V / 3A 24V Intelligent Automatic Charger, 7-Segment Charging 12V/24V Battery Charger, Repair, Test, Suitable for Automotive, Motorcycles

₹ 3,048
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  • Safety protection: battery charger for car has a built-in cooling fan to prevent overheating when charging; car battery charger made from ABS flame retardant materials, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance.
  • 11 kinds of protections: Car Battery Charger has anti-polar protection, short circuit protection, overcharge protection, overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, overheating protection, low voltage protection, short circuit protection, fire protection, anti-protection, inconstriction protection.
  • Intelligent repair: trickle charger uses pulse technology to have a good repair, activation, and vulcanization effect on the battery of the undervoltage battery, the battery that is long.
  • 100% Quality Assurance: The latest design products of the team use the best materials. If you have any questions, please contact us.
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STHIRA® Car Battery Charger, Enhanced Edition 8A 12V/4A 24V Car Battery Charger Charges, Automotive Smart Portable Battery Charger Maintainer for Car, Motorcycle, Lawn Mower and More

₹ 2,999
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  • Voltage And Power Detection: Connect the battery without connecting the power supply, it can display the remaining battery voltage. Keep track of your battery status and see if you need to charge. Intelligent charging, automatic shutdown at full charge, a repair button.
  • Car Battery Charger Application: Charging the lithium battery is strictly prohibited. Suitable for 12V (6AH-150AH) / 24V (6AH-100AH) lead acid battery (AGM, GEL, MF, SLA, VRLA), diagnose and repair battery problems and extend battery life for cars, trucks, motorcycles, lawnmowers or boats.
  • Battery Charger Multiple Protection: Overvoltage protection, reverse polarity protection (for positive and negative connection faults) Short circuit protection, overcurrent protection, overheating protection, undervoltage protection.
  • 100% Quality Assurance: Team The latest product for research and development uses the best material. If you have any questions, please contact us, we offer one year customer service and return service.
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Portronics CarPower Mini Car Charger with Dual Output, Fast Charging (Type C PD 18W + QC 3.0A) Compatible with All Smartphones(Black)

₹ 337
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  • [ULTRA-LIGHT CAR CHARGING]: Along with the most compact size, it is one device that is ultra-light in weight. The entire device is just 15.3 gms, 5.5 cm in height and 2.5cm in diameter.
  • [FASTEST CHARGING]: With Portronics Car Power Mini, you can experience fastest charging. It provides you 50% charging at 30 minutes and it can be considered as one of the best travel partner for you.
  • [COMPACT SIZE & PERFECT FIT]: Portronics Car Power Mini has the most compact size that can be installed in any dashboard. It is one powerful charging device for your car with Type C PD 18W + QC 3.0A. It is compatible with all most all car models.
  • [SMART PROTECTION CHIPS]: It has in-built smart protection chip that ensure protection from over-voltage, over- temperature, and prevent short circuits.
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Car Battery Charger 7-Stage Automatic Smart Battery Charging 12V/8A 24V/4A Portable Trickle Charger Automotive Battery Maintainer Battery Desulfator with Temperature Compensation for Truck Motorcycle

₹ 2,104
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  • 🚗🚗【High Efficiency Pulse Repair】The newly developed high-power and low-frequency pulse technology with outstanding repair function adopts sawtooth band repair. Through this technology, we can better remove the sulfurization phenomenon of the battery, remove the deep sulfurization inside the electrode plate, and restore the battery as new to a great extent.
  • 🚗🚗【Visualized Charging】 Large LCD display the charging and battery status, charge voltage, charge current, inside temperature, charge percentage, summer mode, winter mode, etc. More convenient to use it.
  • 🚗🚗【7-Stage Automatic Charging】Automatic charging protects your battery from being overcharged. Smart control, temp compensation in hot climates and under-charging in cold climates, reverse protection, cooling system, overcurrent, fireproof material, overvoltage, short circuit. Trickle charger with multiple protection ensure the safety charging at anytime anywhere. NOTE: can not activate or charging totally dead batteries.
  • 🚗🚗【Plug-n-Play, Ease Of Use】 no complicated steps, just plug and charge, stay at home and charge your batteries on your own. All-in-one battery solution as car battery charger, battery maintainer, trickle charger, plus battery desulfator. The must-have tool for your garage. An easy-to-use automotive battery charger has clamp cables and durable alligator clamps.
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Verilux® Car Battery Charger, 6A 12V/3A 24V Car Battery Charger Charges, Automotive Smart Portable Battery Charger Maintainer for Car, Motorcycle, Lawn Mower and More, Red

₹ 2,987
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  • SAFETY CHARGING: Adopt ABS flame-retardant shell, fireproof, electric shock, corrosion-resistant, solid and durable, Built-in circuit protection guards against reverse polarity, sparks, overcharging, over-current, open-circuits, short-circuits and overheating. Smart LCD shows the charging status and battery status to make you more assured of charging.
  • AUTOMATIC CHARGING: Automatic detection of 12V or 24V battery, automatic monitoring of the entire charging process through a microprocessor-controlled program. Automatically adjust the charging current, easy to deal with a variety of harsh voltage environments. This 24V 12V car battery charger ensures the adaptive charging process, with maximum safety, and automatically stop when the battery is fully charged.
  • EFFECTIVE REPARATION MODE: Automatic sulfa-ting and acid stratification detection, One Key to Repair, Activate Battery, Pulse repair function can help to repair your lost battery and extend battery life. Note: It can not activate a dead battery or repair a battery that is damaged seriously; it also can not repair a battery back to 100% new.
  • TOP QUALITY AND SERVICE: The car Battery Charger has a durable and efficient design. With well-experienced engineers and a dedicated support team, we are always standing by your side and ready to help you. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by email.
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DigiTronix- Automobile Battery Charger for Car, Bike DG Set 12V 10Amp Fully Automatic

₹ 2,142
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  • Suitable for Batteries up to 150Ah
  • Charging Method FCBC
  • For Car Bike Truck Bus DG Set & Tractor Batteries
  • Suitable for Inverter Batteries

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