Best Jumper Cables in India

Best #2

ApTechDeals Jumper Wires Male to Male, Male to Female, Female to Female/breadboard jumper wires (40+40+40)

  • Through the pin connection, without welding, fit for fast circuit test.
  • Suitable for Arduino breadboard kit project, PCB project, pc motherboard, etc
  • The male ends meant for insertion into standard 0.1 inch (2.54mm) female sockets and the female ends are meant for insertion onto standard 0.1 inch (2.54mm) male headers
SaleBest #3

Generic Car Heavy Duty Auto Jumper Cable Battery Booster Wire Clamp with Alligator Wire (7ft, 500 AMP), RedBlack

  • Fit type: Universal Fit
  • Multi-stranded copper for high conductivity
  • Reviving a dead battery
SaleBest #4

Heavy Duty 12Ft 8Gauge Booster Cable Power Jumper 250AMP Emergency Battery Start Car/Motorcycle

  • Clamps are ergonomically designed and distinctly color coded with shielded surfaces for safety
  • Works with most cars, vans, SUVs with 12 volt batteries. Instructions and warnings printed on the back of the carry case for your convenience and safety.
  • Heavy duty, tangle-free, easy to use booster cable with carrying case allows you to conveniently store this handy cable in your vehicle or garage when your vehicle requires the extra boost.
  • Instructions Attached to Cables for Ease of Use
SaleBest #5

EVERGEAR Jumper Cables with Protection, 600A Peak Heavy Duty Booster Cables for SUV, TRUCK, CAR, SAE&UL Certified, Battery Status Tester, 1 Year Warranty, Carry Bag (10 GAUGE-12 FT)

  • 【STRONG CLAMPS】Clamp jaw designed for side and top post. Strong spring make the clamp hold up terminal well and no falling off. Jumper cable ends feature large alligator clamps with strong jagged teeth and an inside tongue for double connection with the battery terminal in tight spots.
  • 【WELDING DURABLE CABLES】These cables are designed to operate well in all sorts of weather conditions. The jumper cables are PVC insulated remain flexible at -40F/-40C to 167F/75C which have a high temperature rating, and are oil resistant. They tend to be large gauge wires and can work well as jumper cables.
  • 【COMPATIBLE HEAVY DUTY VEHICLES】10 Gauge 12 FT booster battery jumper cables for jump starting a dead or weak battery. Ideal for trucks, SUVs, full-size cars, mid-size car, Motocycles.
  • 【SAE STANDARDS & UL CERTIFIED】 The jumper cable with SAE standards & UL Certified, and Copper Coated Aluminum for outstanding electrical conductivity and power transfer gives you the best conductivity and power transfer you could ask for. These cables are color-coded red and black for positive and negative identification.
SaleBest #6

KARTAEL 10 ft Jumper Cable for car Battery, Auto Heavy-Duty Battery Jumper Cable with Current Protection[2000 AMP]

  • PREMIUM PLIABLE CABLE - The cable surface is made with premium PVC which is resistant to freezing, cracking & folding and won’t tangle. The cable stays flexible in very cold weather(-40℃/-40℉). Perfect for anyone looking for a quality jumper cable set to carry in their vehicle for emergencies or to help someone else.
  • SMART CURRENT PROTECTION - This thickened cable is equipped with an intelligent current protector, which will automatically stop the current output when overloaded when connected, which can effectively prevent battery damage and overload burning due to overloading.
  • STURDY AND SECURE CLIPS - The cable has four huge alligator clips with sturdy serrated teeth and springs for a great grip,Alligator clip with insulator rubber protection, safe to use,it could offer max 2000 A current to fast jump start your car.
  • HOW TO USE - Clamp the red wire of the starter wire to the positive pole of the red battery of the losing tram, then clamp the red wire on the other end to the positive pole of the red battery of the rescue vehicle, and clamp the black wire to the black negative battery of the losing tram., And then clamp the black wire on the black negative battery of the rescue vehicle, first start the engine of the rescue vehicle, and then start the engine of the lost tram
SaleBest #7

1000AMP Heavy Duty 2M Booster Jumper Cables with Travel Bag

  • Perfect for cars, motorcycles, trucks, vans and SUVs.
  • Red/black insulated exterior ensures quick visual identification for easy set-up
  • Heavy Duty 10 Gauge Cables
  • Heavy-duty, tight-grip alligator clamps with a 1000 amp rating; strong spring and comfortable handle for easy positioning
SaleBest #9

MAMMOTH Premium Car Heavy Duty Jump Start Leads Booster Cables [1500AMP] Auto Battery Booster [2 Meter] Emergency Petrol Diesel Car Van Truck ll Free Cable Complete with Carry/Storage case

  • ✔️Color identification of cables prevents crossing of wires; Red (+) Black (-); Tangle-free cable Free zipper carry bag for long term storage.
  • ✔️Fully PVC coated clamps to ensure high security; proper industrial PVC grips are heavily sprung to ensure a tight solid grip on the battery terminal.
  • ✔️2-meter cable length gives tremendous flexibility especially when batteries are on opposites of each car.
  • ✔️ Easy to use :- The colour coding and the insulated leads, the jumping cables are very easy to use. Once you are aware of the proper sequence and method of jump-starting cars the use friendly features of the cable make it very easy to use.
SaleBest #10

STHIRA® Jumper Cable for Car Battery,4M,2000A,Heavy Duty Battery Jumper Cable with Quick Contact Plugs, Jumper Cable for Car Battery Heavy Duty Suit for Cars Below 2.0t

  • Jumper Cables suitable for car, coupe, sedan, SUV, full size van, Larger truck , farm equipment and more.Extra long 4M booster jumper cables allows you to access from various locations around the car, it easily reaches the battery on the opposite side of the vehicle to the jumper's battery.
  • TPE cables remains flexible even at -40? temperature.A bag is given for free for easy carrying and storage.
  • Clamps are made by full copper,and the best welding fixed each connection point. The jaws are strong and make connection easy with better conductivity and tension.Surface insulation coating to ensure safe use, anti-corrosion and dust-proof.Suitable for the various car battery end.
  • Multi-stranded copper for high conductivity

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