Best Gate Locks in India

SaleBest #1

Godrej Locking Solutions and Systems Navtal Ultra XL+ Padlock 65mm(Gold,Polished Finish)

  • Bigger keyhead: Provides better grip hence easy to operate
  • Double locking shackle: Two point locking provides enhanced safety
  • Ultra XL+ technology: This 14 pin technology provides 10 Cr key combinations which makes it extremely difficult to duplicate the key
  • Boron hardened shackle: provides very high hacksaw resistance
SaleBest #2

Godrej Locks Classic Stainless Steel Cylindrical Lock (Silver)

  • Knobs made of stainless steel
  • Backset : 60mm
  • Single panel doors 32mm to 45mm thick, The lock can operated with key from outside
  • Pin cylinder mechnism in brass
SaleBest #3

Godrej Locking Solutions and Systems Duralock Ultra XL+ 70 mm Padlock with 3 Keys (Silver Finish)

  • Hardened shackle: Hardened steel shackle provides resistance to hacksaw cutting
  • Crowbar resistant: Enclosed construction prevents lifting by crowbar
  • Corrosion resistant: Strong SS304 body which is highly corrosion resistant
  • Bigger keyhead: Ensures better grip and ease of usage
SaleBest #4

Godrej Locks 4066 Ultra XL+ duralock Padlock 70mm with 3 Keys (Silver, Painted Finish,Small Size,Pack of 1,Steel)

  • Enclosed constriction of shackle prevents entry of crowbar
  • Drill resistant plate fixed on the cylinder
  • Advanced 14 pins ultra technology which gives high security
  • Hacksaw resistant: The material used is specially toughened to resist the strongest of attacks
SaleBest #5

Foora Long Lock and Key Door Lock for Home Link Round 65mm Long Neck Shackle Padlock with 5 Keys for Shop gate Shutter (Long Neck Round 65mm)

  • 8 lever mechanism provides pick and pry resistance, shrouded design minimizes shackle exposure and protects against bolt cutter attacks
  • Lock with 5 Keys Each It is very convenient to having five keys so that all five members of the family can carry a separate key with them.
  • Double Locking at Shackle Increases the tensile Strength
  • When it comes to protecting lives and valuables, FOORA provides security solutions that help you feel safe and secure. We've been innovating security technology.
SaleBest #6

Godrej Locking Solutions and Systems Navtal Key Padlock (Gold, Brass Finish)

  • Rust resistant Finish: Internal components and electroplated shackle resist rusting under normal atmospheric conditions and ensures more security and long life
  • Rivetless mechanism: Rivetless machine mechanism with clinch joints increase construction strength
  • Levers: Highly precise 7-brass levers locking mechanism with four brass keys
  • Ideal for heavy duty applications: A tough brass lock for your entrance gate or internal doors
SaleBest #7

Harrison C I/ LS-0323 Key PadLock (Grey, Painted Finish)

  • Body finishing type: This lock has a finish body of plastic paint
  • Hard Shackle: Hardened electroplated shackle resists hacksaw cutting and rusting under normal atmospheric conditions
  • Application: For indoor and outdoor use. Padlock is best used for backpacks, briefcases, tackle boxes, lockers and storage locks
  • Easy to use: This padlock is easy to install and hand. Lock with 3 same keys, easy to open
SaleBest #8

Zebra Premium Tools Globe Original Hardened Pure Brass Locks (Pack of 2) with Free 3 Keys - Gold (2 Inch)

  • These locks comes with AUTO-LOCK mechanism that lets you lock just with a push.
  • These locks are hardened under intense pressure which makes it impossible for mankind to unlock without Keys.
  • Includes 3 Keys for each Lock made of hardened steel.
SaleBest #9

HASTHIP ® Stainless Steel Flip Latch Gate Latches Bar Door Lock (3 Inch) - 2 Pieces

  • 4.Quick installation and easy-additional security for your small items are within reach.
  • 3.Total length: about 70mm;Color:Silver.
  • 2.Made of stainless steel, anti-corrosion, strong and durable.
  • 5.Can be used to secure a variety of small items, including doors, cabinets, tool boxes, lockers and much more.
SaleBest #10

Godrej Locking Solutions and Systems Locks Sherlock - 60 mm (Blister)

  • Hardened shackle: The material with double locking mechanism is toughened to resist the strongest of attacks
  • Technology: Anti-pick technology to enhance security
  • Mechanism: High-precision brass pin tumbler mechanism
  • Secure: Shackle gets engaged at both ends for greater security

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