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MONOPOLY Deal Card Game English (New), Toys for Families and Kids, Boys and Girls Ages 8 and Up, Fast Gameplay with Cards, Card Games, Games & Puzzles, Monopoly games

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  • Collect 3 Property Card sets to win
  • Use Action Cards to charge rent and make tricky deals
  • Get a quick game in; it only takes about 15 minutes to play
  • English (Publication Language)
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Royal Kingdom - A Strategic Card Game | Family Game for Kids and Adults | Ages 9-99 Years | for 2-6 Players

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  • Defend your claimed territories and attack opponent's territories to grow your kingdom
  • Game changer interesting wild cards
  • 5 unique territories - Fire, Sand, Space, Wind and Water. Each territory has a Queen, King, Commander and soldiers.
  • Race to win maximum territories to win the Royal Kingdom
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KPK's MART Make a Family Exciting Card Board Game | Strategy Game for Kids - Hard Board Game, Playing Card, Suitable Family Game for Ages 7 & Above (Board Game 01)

₹ 449
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Hasbro Gaming - Clue Classic Card Game

₹ 148
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  • Fun Travel game: This clue game is a quick-playing card game; take it with you when you travel for a fun way to keep your kids entertained
  • Case file and evidence cards: start investigating! Deduce information by playing the different evidence cards and case file cards. Cleared cards go in a pile – like crossing things off on a clue notepad
  • Solve the mystery: in this twist on the classic game of "whodunit", players find out what's under the crime card -- who did it, with what, and where -- by asking other players questions
  • Game for kids: the clue card game can make a great birthday gift, holiday gift, or stocking stuffer for kids ages 7 and up
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Hasbro Gaming 5 Alive Card Game, Fast-Paced Kids Game, Easy to Learn, Fun Family Game for Ages 8 and Up, Card Game for 2 to 6 Players, Multicolor

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  • BE THE LAST PLAYER STANDING: If a player goes over 21 they flip over one of their 5 Alive cards. With 5 chances to winit's anyone's game! The last player with an Alive card still face-up wins
  • WILD CARDS: The twist is in the wild cards! Players can play them to save their life, or zap their opponents' life
  • THINK FAST, TAKE RISKS: Do what it takes to survive 5 Alive! Players need to strategize, take chances, sabotage opponents, and press their luck as they and try to get rid of their cards as quickly as possible
  • FUN FAMILY GAME: The game is easy to learn and it's a fun indoor activity for 2-6 players. It's also a fun travel game for kids ages 8 and up. Break out the game at parties or game night with the family
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Chronicle Books After Dinner Amusements: Travel Trivia: 50 Questions on World Geography and Culture (Family Friendly Trivia Card Game, Portable Camping and Holiday Games)

₹ 631
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  • 51 Pages - 02/05/2019 (Publication Date) - Chronicle Books (Publisher)
  • English (Publication Language)
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Skillmatics Card Game : Train of Thought | Gifts, Travel & Family Party Game for Ages 6 and Up Multicolor

₹ 337
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  • HOW TO WIN- Each player draws a card from the centre and take turns to answer questions. Cards are of 3 colours, each colour represents a train compartment. Be the first to collect 3 compartment sets!
  • WHAT YOU GET – One game set includes 110 Question Cards, 20 Wild Cards, 20 Action Cards and a handy box to store it all. It’s portable & a great game to carry while travelling
  • SUPER FUN FAMILY GAME - This highly engaging, age-appropriate game of exciting questions & fun challenges can be enjoyed by all ages and is perfect for family time. It is ideal for 2-6 players
  • GREAT GIFT – Train of Thought is an ideal gift and enjoyable way to bring your family together through meaningful conversations!
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Social Humour: Paarivarik Humour | Parivarik Humour | A Crazy Family Charades Mashup Card Game - The Ultimate Family Party Game! - Board Games for Family Night with Adults and Kids!

₹ 999
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  • From the team of Social Humour | 440 cards. Unlimited game possibilities.
  • Develops critical skills – this game helps everyone practice their focus, memory, and reflex skills.
  • The ultimate game of charades, word guessing and tons of fun and laughter!!
  • Use the same 40 cards for all the three rounds. See everyone go crazy forgetting the clues, people shouting and trying their best memory skills.
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Mattel Phase 10 Card Game for Kid (Multicolour)

₹ 224
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  • From the makers of uno, a rummy type card game with a challenging and exciting twist
  • The twist is that each phase to be completed is specific for each hand dealt
  • From the makers of uno comes a rummy type card game with a challenging and exciting twist

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