Best Doppler Device For Blood Pressure in India

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Choicemmed MD800C5 Fetal Doppler (White/Blue)

₹ 2,400
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  • Working mode - real-time, average and manual
  • Display and parameters - LCD screen with backlit displays fetal heart rate value, battery status, volume
  • Clear sound - built-in speaker and audio earphone output interface for crystal clear FHR sound
  • Power off - automatically after one minute if not in use
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BPL Home Care Medical Technologies Fetal Battery Doppler(White) Latest Technology (FD02)

₹ 3,790
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  • BPL FD-02 comes with 2.5 MHz high sensitive ultrasound probe and Built in loud speaker.
  • It comes with a large LCD display capable of showing Foetal Heart Rate from 16th week of gestation
  • It provides an audible simulation of the foetal heartbeat using the Doppler Effect
  • Low battery indication and Auto shut down feature saves battery life.
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AccuSure Fetal Doppler For Doctors and Mothers Fetal Heart Rate Monitor With USB Charging and LCD Display

₹ 2,999
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  • Configuration comes from life: The straightforward plan of the 3 catch and backing for the 3.5mm earphone port, make it simple to tune in as a rule.
  • Typical Reading: The ordinary pulse of an unborn infant is roughly 120-160bpm.The Fetal Doppler is certainly not an analytic gadget. Contact your neighborhood specialist in the event that you have any worries.
  • Clear Sound: you can securely tune in to your unborn child's pulse easily and secretly at your own home.
  • Simple to Use: The Fetal Doppler can be utilized over about four months of pregnancy. The gadget presents to you a reasonable sound of your infant's pulse. The test should be contact with your skin through utilizing gel, oil or water to acquire an exact fetal pulse.
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Niscomed Professional Ultrasonic Fetal Doppler With Build-In Speaker (ND-105)

₹ 1,599
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  • Self detect mode ensures the unit to wor normally.
  • The blue backlight LCD display makes it possible that the FHR can be seen clearly irrespective of the light is bright or dark, without affceting the detection of heart beat.
  • If thre is no signal more than 1 minute, it will switch to dormancy mode to sea power.
  • FETAL DOPPLER ND-105 has dormancy, LCD display/ alarm/ self detect function.
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Dr. Odin AD51B Fetal Doppler Heart Rate Monitor with USB Charging, Headphone Jack Built in Speaker - (White and Blue)

₹ 2,849
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  • ADDED UTILITIES : The Fetal Doppler is equipped with Loudspeaker, Headphone Jack, Bright LCD Pannel and a Rechargeable Battery
  • ALL COVERED : The Fetal Doppler Comes with All important things. Memory Storage to record and track your baby's heartbeat over the time.IPX2 Waterprotection for durability and Radiation-Free Probe which ensures safety.
  • SAVE THE COST : Monitoring your Babies Heart rate at home using a Fetal Doppler reduces the time and cost of getting the test done at a labolatory.Everytime you can just Monitor the heart rate yourself and then consult the Gynaecologist with the results.
  • WARRANTY: 6 months from the date of purchase.
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EASYCARE (German Tech.) Radiation Free, High Performance, Intelligent Dynamic Detection with Low Power Indicator Fetal Doppler Machine with High sensitivity Probe

₹ 2,150
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  • It is a high performance radiation free device with Intelligent Dynamic detection and low battery indicator.
  • The heartbeat is audible through speakers as well as earphones.
  • The heartbeat per minute is also displayed on a LCD screen with a back light.
  • The device automatically turns off when left unattended to save battery life.
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Olex Fetal Doppler Heartbeat Sound Monitor with USB Charger and Headphone Jack for Parental Baby.

₹ 2,598
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  • Easy to Use: The Fetal Doppler can be used above 16 weeks of pregnancy. The device brings you a clear sound of your baby's heartbeat. The probe must be contact with your skin via using gel, oil or water to obtain an accurate fetal heart rate.
  • Comes with USB Cable, Adapter and have Headphone Jack, Automatic Shut-off, 2 modes, built-in speakers
  • Professional Device: A professional device suitable for Gynaecologist and easy to use for mothers at home.
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BPL HomeCare Fetal Doppler FD02 (Heart Rate Monitor) White

₹ 3,583
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  • Rechargeable 7.2V NiMH battery with medical grade adapter Automatic shutdown after 1 minute of no operation preserves battery life.
  • Average & Transient FHR calculation modes Audio headphone jack and Built-in loud speaker for quality foetal heart sounds.
  • 3MHz highly sensitive ultrasound probe for FHR (Foetal Heart Rate) detection in early gestation Real time
  • 1 Year Brand Warranty
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Otica Vcomin Ultrasonic Colour Display Fetal Doppler (Heart Rate Monitor) with FHR Curve - White

₹ 3,920
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  • Colour display with fhr curve

  • Small compact design
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Choicemmed MD800C5 Fetal Doppler (White)

₹ 2,899
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  • LCD screen displays FHR value, fetal heart rate, battery status, sound, charging and working indicator
  • Work modes - real-time, average and manual
  • Built-in speaker and output interface
  • Automatic power off

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