Best Bleach Cream For Fairness In India

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Beauty Basket Fairness Fruit Bleach Cream | Party Glow with AHA | Essence Fruit Fun Fairness Bleach For Women | Helps in Reversing Tanning | 100% Natural Cream |(180ml + 45Gram) (225, Pack of 2)

₹ 337
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  • Fairness Fruit Bleach Cream causes zero dryness and irritation when applied.
  • The bleach cream formula also removes sun tan and dead cells and stops the regeneration of new pigment cells to make you look as radiant as a pearl.
  • The gentle formula evens out your skin tone and even matches the dark or light skinned tone of your hair to your skin.
  • This product is 100% vegan and cruelty-free.
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Meglow Skin Care Combo Pack of 3- Gold Bleach with Prompt Radiance (50g) || Fairness Cream For Women (50g) with Aloevera Extracts and Vitamin E || Instant Glow Face Wash (70g) with Skin Brightening and Luminizing For Radiant Skin

₹ 311
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  • Meglow Premium Fairness Cream Provides Protection Against Sun Damage By Blocking Harmful Rays As Well As By Stimulating Cell Renewal Intensive Brightening System To Reduce: Dull Skin, Dark Spots, Melanin, Fine Lines, Tanning, Pigmentation, Discoloration, Blemishes.
  • Meglow Premium Fairness Cream Energizes The Facial Skin & Give A Fresh Look By Removing Dull & Dead Skin Cells, Provides Oil Control & Sweat Control Meglow Provides All Round Fairness By Reducing Melanin Content Of Skin, Dark Spots, Providing Even Tone To Skin & Reduces The Impact Of Sun
  • Meglow Gold Bleach Cream Helps To Lighten The Facial Hair So That They Are Not Visible Much Or At All And Mixes With The Skin Tone Meglow Gold Bleach Cream Makes The Skin Looks Fairer, Smoother & Glowing Meglow Gold Bleach Cream Exfoliates & Removes Impurities Which Makes The Skin Glow Meglow Gold Bleach Cream Helps To Take Off Sun Tanning And Marks Off The Skin.
  • Meglow Premium Fairness Cream Removes Spots, Smoothens Skin & Imparts Evenness In Complexion.
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Lilium Oxy Instant Fairness Bleach Cream 1kg With Vitamin E, To Protect Skin For All types Of Skin

₹ 519
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  • Helps fight Sun tan , Dullness , Uneven skin tone Dark Spots and Dead Skin Cells.
  • This bleaching effect stays for a longer period It is safer for your Skin.
  • It is made from sodium carbonate (also know as soda ash).
  • Makes skin fair and glowing in just 15 minutes.
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NutriGlow Papaya Fruit Bleach Fairness Cream For Removes Dark Spot, Blemishes & Acne Marks, 43gm Each, Pack of 2

₹ 169
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  • DEEPLY NOURISHES & HYDRATES SKIN: You can now surely quench your skin’s thirst with this ultra-hydrating bleach cream. It acts as an excellent emollient that soothes, hydrates, revitalizes, and moisturizes the skin from deep within, giving your skin a soft, supple look
  • CALMS IRRITATED SKIN: If you wonder whether this bleach cream calms redness and itchiness of skin or not? Well, it does! It removes all the dead skin layer and soothes irritated skin, removes suntan, and repairs dull skin, leaving your sensitive skin flawless
  • IMPARTS NATURAL GLOW: Love to have Naturally glowing skin? This skin-friendly Bleach Cream helps your facial hair lighten up and tries to blend it with your natural skin tone while enhancing the skin’s texture, making it more soft, glowing, and radiant
  • Gives a Healthy Pearl Fairness Grow.
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Herbdiva Honey Bleach Cream For Instant Fairness 250ml

₹ 279
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  • Suitable for all skin type.
  • Natural Skin Tone With Virtually Invisible Results
  • Instant Fairness
  • How to use: Leave it for 15-20 minutes for stronger bleach,Wash off with cold water
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Oxylife Natural Radiance 5 Creme Bleach With Active Oxygen, 126 g

₹ 216
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  • Helps fight Suntan , Dullness , Uneven skin tone Dark Spots and Dead Skin Cells
  • 5 Skin Problems 1 Solution
  • Helps give your skin a boost of active oxygen
  • Flawless Fairness in just 15mins
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Nature's Essence Gold Bleach Fairness Cream, 500 gm

₹ 449
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  • Skin friendly product
  • Applicable for all types of skin
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Pureus Herbals Amino Milk & Kesar Bleach Cream for Instant Lightening & Natural Smooth Fairness | Dead Skin Cells Removal, Exfoliate Skin & Radiant Texture for Women & Men (320 gm)

₹ 299
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  • Saffron has anti inflammation properties. Its not only lightens the skin tone but also improves and reduces hyperpigmentation cause of rich vitamins present in it. Its also fight acne and blemishes effectively.

  • Goat milk proteins are anti-microbial in nature and prevent the acne causing bacteria. Goat milk works as a natural moisturizer and absorbs in the skin, and keeps the skin soft, smooth and supple.

  • This Bleach Kit contains Bleach Cream, Activator Powder along with Pre Bleach Cream & Post Bleach Gel. Pre Bleach Cream prepare your skin for bleach, It Lightens Tan impact on skin & Reduces Patchiness. Post Bleach helps lightens facial hair, Adds a nice glow and smoothness on your skin.

  • It makes your skin brightens & enhances your dull complexion. Milk & Saffron helps your skin lighten & brighten naturally. It can give you a glowing complexion.

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